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Agnese Pastorino, PhD, is a sociologist and multimedia producer. For over ten years, her research focused on the use of sexual contents through audiovisual media by youth. On this topic, she carried on several surveys on media uses and policy-making. At the European Commission, the Sapienza University and the United Nations, her work involved multimedia, design, video, big data, open knowledge, events. She's an Adobe Certified Specialist for InDesign, Photoshop, and Premiere. She has been member of international scientific association in communication and social sciences and editing committees of a journal of media sociology and book collection on social theory, communication and media studies. Agnese holds a PhD in sociology and social psychology, completed with a Marie Curie fellowship funded by the European Commission. Agnese is fluent in English and French; she understands and speaks in Spanish. Her mothertongue is Italian.

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Agnese has a diverse range of skills in communication and research.


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  • “Agnese has clear strengths in relation to dissemination and communication activities.”

  • “Her educational path certifies an excellent preparation in social sciences.”

    michela marzano, sorbonne university
  • “It's been a pleasure having you guys onboard and making real contributions to UN News... you're appreciated by all of us.”

    ari gaitanis, united nations
  • “She is endowed of an authnomous personality and pursues her own objectives with determination and constancy.”

    lorena gil de montes, university of the basque country